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It Matters Where You Live

If you rent, you probably have to move often. In the US, 20-25% of...

College Admissions Scandal: The Myth of Meritocracy Under Capitalism

In March, news broke of the indictment of dozens of individuals who had participated...

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Russia: Twenty-Five Years Since the Coup Against Gorbachev

Decades of ‘shock therapy capitalism’, wars and corruption Rob Jones, CWI in Russia The incredible three...

May Day Victory in Court Case on $15 Minimum Wage

Socialist Seattle City Councilmember Kshama Sawant and 2 other wage activists, charged with disorderly conduct, had their case thrown out today after a Seatac judge found the evidence uncompelling.

Explosive Contradictions Reshaping U.S. Politics

American society today is in a state of simmering discontent. Space is growing for a fightback in workplaces, on the streets, and at the ballot box.

Indict Michael Brown’s Killer and Spread the Protests! The Whole System is Guilty!

The scenes in Ferguson have gripped the national spotlight and gathered massive international attention....

Answering Corporate Lies About the Minimum Wage

$15 an Hour - Answering Big Business Propaganda The growing movement for a $15 an...

Democratic Party Leadership Plays Politics with Minimum Wage

The Democratic Party leadership is staging a series of votes in the Senate on...

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