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Socialism is an idea whose time has come. Yet the establishment media, consolidated into just a few corporate monopolies, refuses to give a voice to working people. We need to build our own independent media, produced by and accountable to ordinary people fighting for social change. This is what Socialist Alternative offers.

Our newspaper goes beyond just telling the story of frontline struggles. We provide the socialist analysis, strategy, and tactics needed to win.

With your support, the socialist movement can continue to fundamentally reshape American politics in the years ahead.

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Latest - Issue 100

February 2024

How We Fight For A Ceasefire

Israel’s October assault on Gaza unleashed a global anti-war movement against the massacre of 25,000 civilians and counting, and in solidarity with Palestinian liberation. In the US, recent polling found that 68% of Americans support a ceasefire. But our politicians are not listening. As the war lurches on, antiwar activists in the US are...

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