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We Won! Steps to $15 Begin Today in Seattle

Last year Seattle made history by becoming the first major city to pass a $15 minimum wage for all workers, raising the wages for 100,000 workers. This victory opened the door for other major cities

Chicago Mayor Announces $13 Minimum Wage Plan – Time to Turn Up the Heat and Build a Mass Campaign for $15

In a closed door session July 7th, Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s Minimum Wage Working...

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50,000 Strike at Chinese Sports Shoe Manufacturers

Local government, police, and company bosses coordinate crackdown. It is one of the biggest strikes...

Answering Corporate Lies About the Minimum Wage

$15 an Hour - Answering Big Business Propaganda The growing movement for a $15 an...

Toledo Auto Workers Strike for Union Recognition… And Win!

Workers at Piston Automotive, a Jeep parts supplier in Toledo, OH, have won a resounding victory that will strike a chord with all workers struggling to organize their workplaces.

A Woman’s Case for Rejecting the “Tip Credit”

Tipped work is one of the lowest-paid jobs, and women make up 66% of all tipped workers. Proposed “tip credits” allow employers to count tips toward the minimum wage, which results in wage theft.

OneSeattle: Big Business in Disguise

Re-posted from 15 Now fights for a minimum wage of $15/hour plus full tips which belong to the...

Kazakhstan: Persecuted Activists Speak Out

It is clear that a wave of arrests and repression against left and social...

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