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Haitian Refugees Brutalized at the Border

Social media was rocked recently by horrific images of Customs and Border Patrol agents...

Greece: The Fire in Moria and the Hellish Refugee Camps

By Giorgos Ligouriotis, Xekinima (ISA in Greece) Over 40,000 refugees are trapped οn the Greek...

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A New Refugee Exodus: War Waged Against Refugees, Greek and Turkish Workers

Turkish President Erdogan’s decision to push thousands of refugees and migrants to the country’s...

Caravan Crisis Exposes Corruption of Capitalism

A caravan of thousands of migrants has amassed in Tijuana at the U.S.-Mexico border...

Snowden Refugees Face New Setback in Hong Kong

Heroes who sheltered the American whistle-blower have become victims of Hong Kong’s racist asylum...

Airport Protests Help Block Trump’s Travel Ban – Eyewitness Report from JFK in New York

A volcanic eruption of mass protests at airports across the U.S. has won a...

Refugee Crisis: Defend the Right to Asylum

Unite against austerity and struggle for a better life for all

Britain: Fleeing Horrors Created By Capitalism

For the rich there are very few obstacles to migrating to Britain. It is altogether another story for the majority of those currently fleeing war, dictatorship and conflict in the Middle East and Africa.

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