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The massive interest in socialist ideas has radically changed the political landscape in the U.S. As part of the growth of the left, Socialist Alternative also grew significantly in recent years and achieved national prominence with the election of Kshama Sawant as the first openly socialist councilmember in Seattle in 2013.

Our organization prides itself on the clarity of our analysis and program. But we also feel the need to step up our game. For this reason we present a political journal, Socialist World, initially coming out three times a year.

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Latest - Issue 5

March 2021

The 2020s and the Reemergence of the National Question

Danny Byrne is a member of the International Socialist Alternative Executive. World capitalism is entering an epoch of crisis, which in many respects is unique in history. With an economic depression triggered by a capitalist-driven global pandemic amid an unfolding climate catastrophe there has perhaps never been a crisis which is deeper, more global, or...

August 2020 - Issue 4

May 2020 - Issue 3

October 2019 - Issue 2

June 2019 - Issue 1