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#DisarmPSU Movement Reaches New Heights Following Police Killing of Jason Washington

On June 29, 2018, Portland State University (PSU) police officers Shawn McKenzie and James...

Portland Anti-Muslim Attack: A Socialist Response

On May 26, the first day of Ramadan, Portland witnessed one of its most...

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A Contested Legacy: Ralph Nader’s Challenge to the Two-Party System

The specter of Ralph Nader has haunted the Democratic Party throughout the final months...

ATI Steelworkers Locked Out for Two Months

On August 14, Allegheny Technologies Incorporated (ATI), one of the world’s largest specialty metal...

15 Gains Ground in Oregon, Minneapolis, and Philadelphia

Could Oregon Be the First State to Win 15? Justin Norton-Kertson, 15 Now PDX The movement...

Snapshot of the Movement — The Fight for $15 in 7 Major Cities

On April 15, over 60,000 union members and low wage workers in 230 cities across the country walked out of their work places to march, rally and occupy for a $15 minimum wage and a union.

Fight for $15 in All 50

According to a January Hart Research poll, 63% of the country now supports a $15 federal minimum wage. The time is right for the big unions to help launch an all-out national campaign

Impact of #BlackLivesMatter at MLK Day Events Across the Country

This year’s MLK Day comes in the wake of the explosive #BlackLivesMatter movement, organized by thousands of black youth and allies across the country engaging in direct actions, rallies, and marches challenging police brutality and the racist justice system.

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