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Terrorist Attack in Québec City – Counter Terrorism and Hate with Solidarity

The terrorist attack on a mosque in Québec City is a tragedy that shocked...

After San Bernadino Massacre, Trump and Republicans Whip Up Racism and War Fever

The question now is how can we build the broadest movement to push back against right wing nativism, xenophobia and war hysteria.

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Turkey: Historical Breakthrough for the Left as AKP Suffers its Worst Defeat in 13 Years

On election night, many left and Kurdish activists rallied and celebrated. The left, pro-Kurdish "Democratic Party of the People" (HDP) has won enough votes to enter Parliament.

Chapel Hill Tragedy Exposes Deadly Double Standards

Since Craig Hicks entered into a Chapel Hill, North Carolina apartment and shot three young Muslims execution-style, there has a been a massive wave of outcry across the world.

France: Millions March for Solidarity

Unity against racism and capitalism! Nearly four million people marched in the streets of France...

France: Counter-Terrorist Threat with Worker-Led Mass Unity

The shocking, cold blooded slaughter at Charlie Hebdo, and more killings in subsequent days,...

France: Deadly Attack on Satirical Paper Charlie Hebdo

Statement by Gauche Revolutionnaire (sister organization of Socialist Alternative in France) on the mass demonstrations throughout the nation

Israel’s History of Occupation — Review of Cursed Victory: A History of Israel and the Occupied Territories

Published in Socialism Today, Issue 182, October 2014 The dust is still settling on the most recent...

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