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Border Crisis: Detentions, Deportations, and Exploitation Continue Under Biden

On his first day in office, Biden signed seventeen executive orders, including a handful...

Defend DREAMers and All Immigrants

Attacking immigrants was a central part of Trump’s election campaign and has been a...

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Defeat the Attacks of the Right – Full Rights for Immigrants

The fate of millions of undocumented workers for whom the threat of deportation had been lifted by President Obama’s executive order last November now rests with a three-judge panel in New Orleans.

Deportation Threat for 5 Million Lifted “Temporarily”

También en español A Partial Victory President Barack Obama recently announced plans to change U.S. immigration...

Letter Sent in Solidarity with Hunger Striking Detainees

Re-posted from (originally posted March 11, 2014) The following letter was sent from the...

1200 Jailed Immigrants on Hunger Strike

Resisting Record Deportations and Inhumane Conditions Eyewitness Report by Joe Sonntag  On Friday, March 7, immigrant...

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