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Service Sector Workers Bear Weight of Lockdown: Organize to Fight Back

From the onset of the COVID crisis, the livelihood and health of those of...

Fight for 15 Day of Action – Minneapolis Report and Socialist Alternative Statement

September 12 was a national day of action for 15. Below is the report...

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NEW: Five Reasons Why You Should Join Socialist Alternative Right Now

There is a historic opportunity to rebuild a fighting socialist movement.

Seattle Politics at a Crossroads – The 2015 City Council Elections

With a new district voting system and 47 candidates running for nine seats, the...

New York Fast Food Workers Win $15

Time to Build a Movement for a Strong $15 for All On July 22, the...

$15 Wins in Los Angeles – St Louis Next?

Workers in Los Angeles, the largest city on the West Coast and the second...

Explosive Contradictions Reshaping U.S. Politics

American society today is in a state of simmering discontent. Space is growing for a fightback in workplaces, on the streets, and at the ballot box.

Make 2015 the Year of the $15 Minimum Wage

The confidence of workers is growing nationwide. With bold leadership, 2015 could be the year of $15/hour!

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