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Amazon vs. the Socialists in Seattle

In what may turn out to be a preview of the U.S. presidential election,...

Trump’s Terrible Tax Plan

On April 26, the Trump administration unveiled a tax reform proposal that calls for...

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Fight Against the Attacks on New Jersey’s Pensions!

New Jersey's anti-worker Governor Chris Christie recently cut $1.57 billion dollars from the state's public pension and benefit system. These cuts will impact both current workers and retirees.

Reviewing the Jess Spear Campaign

Challenging Corporate Politicians Requires Stamina – But It's Worth It With 16% for Jess Spear...

Socialist Aims to Take Down Washington State House Speaker

Jess Spear can win this race, but not without your help! This is the text...

Say No to Culver’s Cuts in Iowa! — Defend Education and Social Services

In the corporate media there is total consensus: Democratic Governor Chet Culver of Iowa...

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