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$15 and a union

How Ontario Won $15 Minimum Wage

In May, the Ontario government, to the surprise of many, announced its plan to...

Increasing Opposition to Establishment Politics

What is happening here is part of an international trend, which in some countries has gone much further, with the complete collapse of key establishment parties and the rapid emergence of new political forces both on the left and the right.

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New York Fast Food Workers Win $15

Time to Build a Movement for a Strong $15 for All On July 22, the...

15 Gains Ground in Oregon, Minneapolis, and Philadelphia

Could Oregon Be the First State to Win 15? Justin Norton-Kertson, 15 Now PDX The movement...

Northeastern Students Campaign for Country’s First Campus-Wide $15

As the fight for a $15 an hour minimum wage continues to spread, students...

“$15 at MSP Airport Is on the Agenda”: Interview With Fired Delta Worker, Kip Hedges

Socialist Alternative interviewed a leading 15 Now organizer in Minneapolis, former Delta baggage handler Kip Hedges

63% Support a $15 Federal Minimum Wage

In the wake of Seattle and San Francisco passing minimum wage ordinances for $15 in 2014, a new poll conducted by Hart Research Associates shows 63% of respondents support raising the minimum wage to $15

Make 2015 the Year of the $15 Minimum Wage

The confidence of workers is growing nationwide. With bold leadership, 2015 could be the year of $15/hour!

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