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World Cup Victory Overshadowed By FIFA & Spanish Federation’s Misogyny 

Sencillamente, no ful respetada.(Simply put, I was not respected.)Jenni Hermoso, striker for Spain, 2023...

2023 Women’s World Cup: Player Safety, FIFA, and the Fight Against Sexism

FIFA greed, ACL injuries, elite players fighting for a greater professional environment free from...

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Qatar World Cup: Soccer Has Never Been More Political

Originally published November 20 on The oligarchs, dictatorships, and dodgy billionaire owners of...

Boston Says No to Olympics: Working People’s Victory Over Neoliberalism

On July 28, the bid to bring the summer Olympics to Boston was laid...

Women’s World Cup Exposes Rampant FIFA Sexism – Organize to Fight Back

We cannot rely on FIFA or the national governing bodies to build the women’s game. Every player and soccer fan should join together against unequal and unfair practices.

FIFA’s Corruption Scandal — Let’s Take Back the Game

On May 27, top ranking officials of FIFA were indicted by the U.S. Justice Department on a variety of charges including racketeering, money laundering, and wire fraud.

Brazilian Protests Continue as World Cup Starts

Solidarity protests took place on Friday, June 13th Metro workers in São Paulo suspended their...

Brazilian Homeless Struggle and Metro Strike Heat Up As World Cup Approaches

New Stage of the Class Struggle André Ferrari, LSR (CWI in Brazil) In the context of...

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