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J20 Trials: Drop the Charges!

January 20, 2018 marked the first anniversary of large demonstrations that erupted across the...

‘No Justice No Pride’ in Washington D.C.

Beginning in 1975 with a defiant block party at which Washington D.C.’s queer community...

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Explosive Contradictions Reshaping U.S. Politics

American society today is in a state of simmering discontent. Space is growing for a fightback in workplaces, on the streets, and at the ballot box.

Republican Offensive

Republicans in Washington are making plans to push through their right-wing pro-business agenda, following their capture of the Senate last November.

Fighting Poverty Pay: Fast-Food Strikes Spread to Seven Cities

“$15 an hour and a union.” In the past six months, this call has...

Gay-Bashing Still Legit in DC

The controversy stirred up by Lawrence v. Texas, the Texas anti-gay sodomy law now...

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