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Wall Street Mayhem: GameStop & The Short Squeeze

The ruling class and its corporate media have always tried to convince working people...

We Won’t Die for Wall Street

In recent weeks, the bankruptcy of global capitalism has been exposed to millions as...

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Obama Receives Bonuses from Wall Street – Eight Years of Serving Big Business has Lifelong Benefits

In 2008, Barack Obama was elected president on the back of a movement expecting...

Five-Year Anniversary: Occupy Opens an Era of Struggle

Eight years ago, Wall Street bet against American families and caused the Great Recession,...

Why Black People Shouldn’t Support Hillary

For anyone who has been following Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign, you may have caught...

Puerto Rico – A Spiraling Crisis of Debt, Austerity, and Colonialism

A U.S. colony in all but name, Puerto Rico faces a  debt crisis which...

Movie Review: “The Big Short”

The Big Short brings an understanding of the housing collapse to a mass audience, while exposing the underlying corruption of the financial system.

Who Does Hillary Serve?

Hillary is trying to package herself as Bernie-lite, but her long political record says otherwise.

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