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Wisconsin Primaries: Illegitimate and Deadly — We Need a New Party

As this goes to press, tens of thousands of Wisconsin residents are being forced...

A Contested Legacy: Ralph Nader’s Challenge to the Two-Party System

The specter of Ralph Nader has haunted the Democratic Party throughout the final months...

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Yes to Political Revolution, Vote Jill Stein

No to Racist Bigotry, No to Corporate Oligarchy The 2016 presidential election seems like a...

Independent Socialist Campaign Paves the Way in Portland

“This is Just the Beginning” The day after Nicholas Caleb lost his bid for Portland...

Why I’m Running

Jess Spear, Socialist Alternative member and leading organizer of 15 Now, explains why she is running for Washington State House in Seattle’s 43rd District, challenging corporate domination

Bernie Sanders for President in 2016?

Independent Senator Bernie Sanders has stated that he is considering running for president. Socialist Alternative is glad that Sanders is seeking a dialogue with progressive and left activists.

Capitalism’’s Dysfunction: Budget Reckoning Approaches

"“With just days remaining until a cascade of economic events crash onto Washington, the...

Growing Prospects for a New Movement—Cracks Opening in the Two-Party System

Despite official statistics of nearly three straight years of economic recovery and improving employment...

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