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Greece: The Fire in Moria and the Hellish Refugee Camps

By Giorgos Ligouriotis, Xekinima (ISA in Greece) Over 40,000 refugees are trapped οn the Greek...

A New Refugee Exodus: War Waged Against Refugees, Greek and Turkish Workers

Turkish President Erdogan’s decision to push thousands of refugees and migrants to the country’s...

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Sweden: “Who could believe it?”

What is behind Trump's attack? Per-Åke Westerlund, Rättvisepartiet Socialisterna (CWI Sweden) "You see what happened last...

Catalonia: Historic Demonstration in Barcelona in Support of Refugees

Last Saturday, 18 February, saw Barcelona hold the biggest demonstration in Europe in support of refugees under the slogan 'Volem acollir' (We want to welcome them). Between 300,000 and 500,000 people according to the organisers, Casa Nostra, Casa Vostra (Our home is your home) and other organisations and groups that support the refugees (160,000 according to the city police) flooded the streets to show their solidarity with people who risk their lives every day to escape the barbarism caused by imperialism, as well as call on governments to welcome them and grant them asylum now.

Five years on from the “Arab Spring”

The “Arab Spring” revolutionary wave brought dictators in Tunisia and Egypt crashing down. It...

Europe Shaken by Worst Refugee Crisis Since World War II

The workers’ movement in Europe needs to take a lead in demanding that the refugees are granted asylum, helping organize the relief, and encouraging the refugees themselves to get organized.

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