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Québec and the October Crisis of 1970

Martin LeBrun, Socialist Alternative (ISA in Canada) On October 16, 1970, Liberal PM Pierre Trudeau...

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Québec Solidaire Rejects Coalition with Parti Québecois

A Québec Solidaire representative explains the party’s recent refusal to make an electoral pact...

Terrorist Attack in Québec City – Counter Terrorism and Hate with Solidarity

The terrorist attack on a mosque in Québec City is a tragedy that shocked...

Montreal Workers Strike for $15

Socialist Alternative Canada spoke with Jacques Fontaine, one of the striking workers. Tell me the...

World Social Forum 2016 – Quebec

Tens of thousands of activists from around the world gather WSF in Montreal, 9-14...

Quebec: The Fight For $15 Shows True Colors of Parti Québecois

No to an all-class pro-independence alliance Originally posted at Despite a number of scandals and...

Quebec Public Sector Strike

Martin Coiteux, the president of the Treasury Council of Quebec, declared last November 18: “We [the government and the Common Front movement] are light years apart in our understanding”. Less than a week later, Coiteux abandoned the majority of the attacks.

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