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UE Workers End Successful and Militant Strike

On March 6th, after a militant, three-week long strike, UE Local 279 ratified a contract with Weir Valves and Controls in Ipswich, MA. The results of this strike illustrate the accomplishments that are possible when trade unions are willing to take risks and stand up for fair labor practices and a fair contract.

Revolutionary Teamsters

Celebrating the 80th Anniversary of the 1934 Minneapolis Strikes This year marks the 80th anniversary...

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Toledo Auto Workers Strike for Union Recognition… And Win!

Workers at Piston Automotive, a Jeep parts supplier in Toledo, OH, have won a resounding victory that will strike a chord with all workers struggling to organize their workplaces.

“All Players United” – Football Athletes Forming First Union in College Sports History

The Northwestern football players signed a petition with the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) and, on March 26, the NLRB issued an historic ruling that players are not merely student athletes but actual employees of the universities they play for.

Immigrants’ Rights are Workers’ Rights — The Case for United Struggle

On March 21 of this year, the immigrant worker rights movement was reborn with...

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