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France: Horror in Paris

We are saddened and pained by the destruction of so many innocent lives. But we draw from these events all the more anger and determination to tolerate this inhuman system and the chaos it creates no longer.

Massacre in Suruç, Turkey

Kurdish and Turkish people pay price for Erdoğan’s support for ISIS Reposted from, website...

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Kurdistan: ‘Islamic State’ Driven Out of Kobane

Will the end of Kobanê’s siege turn the tide against IS? Serge Jordan, CWI The so-called...

Kurdistan: Battle for Kobane at a Crossroads

What does US military ‘assistance’ mean for the Kurdish struggle? Serge Jordan, CWI The situation in...

End U.S. Middle East Interventions

Only Working People Can Defeat Terror and Oppression Another war with U.S. involvement has started...

Kurdistan: The Battle for Kobane

Regional war poses new challenges for struggle for Kurdish self-determination Serge Jordan, CWI Every day brings...

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