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The Type Of Strikes Starbucks Workers Need: ‘Red Cup Day’ And Beyond

Josh Crowell is a member of SBWU's National Bargaining Committee. Liam Easton-Calabria is a...

Fired for Organizing: Starbucks Ramps Up Union Busting

Starbucks has fired at least 21 worker-organizers since February as returning CEO Howard Schultz...

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Facing Company Retaliation, Starbucks Workers Rally in Seattle Against Union Busting

Starbucks workers from around the country rallied alongside socialists, union members, and hundreds of...

Starbucks Has Busted Unions Since 1987 – How Can We Win This Time?

The most important unionization campaign in recent memory is sweeping the country. Workers at...

Take action for 15 bucks at Starbucks!

Reposted from 15now.org
Howard Schultz, the CEO of Starbucks makes $9,637 an hour while his workers average less than $9 an hour! Join 15 Now for actions outside a Starbucks near you!

Starbucks’ CEO makes how much an hour?

On Wednesday, Howard Schultz, the CEO of Starbucks said: “[Being unable to afford $15/hour] would not be the case at Starbucks, but I suspect that most companies… would not be able to afford it.”

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