Take action for 15 bucks at Starbucks!


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$9,637 an hour!

That’s how much Howard Schultz, the CEO of Starbucks makes while Starbucks workers get an average of less than $9 an hour! And that’s not all. Asked about a $15/hr minimum wage, Schultz stoked fears about job losses at small businesses who he claimed “would not be able to afford it,” while admitting that Starbucks could pay $15. Ok, Howard, then stop hiding behind small businesses and pay Starbucks workers 15 now!

Schultz opposes a real $15/hr minimum wage and wants to undermine it with something called “total compensation”. But we can’t allow Shultz and big business to count everything from your tips to your bus pass against your wages! We say, “No to total compensation and tip credit! A real $15 minimum wage for all workers!”

Join 15 Now for actions outside a Starbucks near you:

Central District Action – Friday 4/11 @ 5pm at International District Transit Center Starbucks (5th and Jackson) *Join Facebook Event*
South Seattle Action- Friday 4/11 @ 4pm at Starbucks on 2401 Utah Ave S *Join Facebook Event*
Capitol Hill Action – Saturday 4/12 @ noon at Starbucks on Olive Way & Summit Ave

NYC / Brooklyn – Saturday 4/12 @ 2pm at Starbucks at 348 Fulton Street, Brooklyn *Join Facebook Event*
Boston – Saturday 4/12 @ 3pm at MBTA Park Street Station Starbucks *Join Facebook Event*

Don’t see an action near you? Organize one today! Use this flyer to help you plan an action (click for PDF version):