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International Socialist Alternative Needs Your Support!

Dear friends and supporters, The period we have entered — the “Age of Disorder” —...

Help Hold Kshama Sawant’s Seat for the 99%!

También en español CEO Cash Flowing In Over $120,000 from hundreds of corporate CEOs, anti-$15 business...

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Big Business Funding Opposition to Sawant

Above: Members of the Washington Restaurant Association meet with Republican State Representative Susan Fagan  From...

Make 2015 the Year of the $15 Minimum Wage

The confidence of workers is growing nationwide. With bold leadership, 2015 could be the year of $15/hour!

In England, Over 1,000 Attend Largest Ever ‘Socialism’ Event

"I feel at home here." Those were the words so many of the people attending Socialism 2014 used to describe their response to this Socialist Party weekend event.

Your Donations Needed to Build the Anti-War Movement

Socialist Alternative, along with Youth Against War and Racism, recently spearheaded a national student...

YAWR Needs Your Financial Support

Youth Against War and Racism recently spearheaded a national student walkout against Bush's war,...

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