Help Hold Kshama Sawant’s Seat for the 99%!

Reuters / Jason Redmond

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CEO Cash Flowing In

Over $120,000 from hundreds of corporate CEOs, anti-$15 business owners, and the real estate industry from across the country have poured into the campaign coffers of Kshama’s opponent. The stakes are enormous for them. Even pharmaceutical giants are donating to unseat Seattle’s socialist councilor.

After less than two years in office, it’s clear: working families in Seattle have gained a tremendous advantage having a voice for the 99% on the city council. With Kshama in their corner, movements in Seattle have won a $15 minimum wage, millions in funding for vital social services, and serious momentum for rent control and progressive funding for affordable housing.

Kshama’s record in office brilliantly illustrates the potential power of independent working-class political representation. That’s why so many third party advocates, union activists, and left commentators across the country are closely watching this race.

But we’re not the only ones. Big business and their servants in the Democratic Party establishment are also paying close attention to this race. The victories we’ve achieved with Kshama in power were not free. They cost the big corporations millions in profits in the short term. But it’s the potential of a real political challenge to their system emerging if a “bad example” is allowed to flourish and spread that’s put Kshama’s seat in the crosshairs of corporate CEOs.

The virtual monopoly of the 1% over politics depends on the 99% playing a passive role, voting every few years for their hand-picked candidates – or simply not voting. What Kshama and her record in office represent is the direct opposite of that. With Kshama in office, working people inside and outside Seattle are beginning to feel confident and optimistic that together we can make a better world, a world where the 1% no longer rules. Re-electing Kshama will increase this confidence and empowerment.

Just shy of two years in office, and we’ve won so much – but we have so much more to gain. The stakes are enormous for us, too.  We can re-elect Kshama and continue building our power, but it will take all our supporters, from every corner of the country, to join the fight. Let’s make damn sure that this glimmer of hope for a new kind of politics, this city council seat, is not snuffed out by the 1%.

Our median donation to defend Kshama’s seat against big developers and corporate cash is $50. Can you match that? Go to