YAWR Needs Your Financial Support

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Youth Against War and Racism recently spearheaded a national student walkout against Bush’s war, mobilizing thousands of young people into political activity, many for their first time. We are now hard at work organizing Youth Against War and Racism clubs in high schools and colleges across the country to protest military recruiters the moment they step foot in our schools.

However, a huge obstacle we face is a lack of resources. For the national student walkout, we distributed approximately 100,000 fliers and 20,000 stickers, but high school students have very little money to donate, and our supporters are mostly low-income folks. So we unfortunately went into debt using “faith-based spending” (having faith that supportive people like you will help us get out of debt!)

With more funding, we could reach many more young people with our literature, teach-ins, movies, and protests. We could establish many more student clubs who could organize to kick military recruiters out of our schools!

So, please, take a moment to donate, whether you can contribute $5 or $500.

Checks payable to Youth Against War and Racism can be sent to PO Box 45343, Seattle, WA 98145.

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