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Kshama Sawant ReElection Campaign Weekly Round-Up

Voting is in full swing! Make it your #1 priority to get your...

Kshama Sawant Campaign Weekly Round Up

1. This week was dominated by a major event- Amazon dropped an addition $1...

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Kshama Sawant Re-Election Campaign Weekly Round Up

The Stranger endorses Kshama Sawant! Sawant's opponents call her "divisive" and "ineffective." But...

Call to Action: Help Stop the Republican-backed PAC Against Sawant

One thing is clear: big money is here and we need to get ready for a serious fight. To counter this dirty money, we need you and all supporters to get involved, right now.

VIDEO: Kshama Sawant vs. Corporate-backed Opponent

Kshama explains how the grassroots character of her campaign, not a penny in corporate cash, is why so many people have donated and volunteered.

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