1. The Stranger endorses Kshama Sawant!

Sawant’s opponents call her “divisive” and “ineffective.” But if being “divisive” and “ineffective” means voting for all the up-zones, casting one of only two votes NOT to repeal the “head tax” on big businesses, and being the sole vote against a bad police contract, then we could use a little bit more of that kind of “divisiveness” on the council. Vote Sawant.

10/9/2019, Stranger Election Control Board.

2. The owner of 20/20 Cycle, a small business in District 3, explains why he supports Kshama:

“Egan says he will not make large corporations pay more tax for homeless shelters and affordable housing. You know what that means, right? He will try to make you to pay it for them. He tried it before.”

Alex Kostelnik, owner of 20/20 Cycle

Read the whole op-ed, trust us it’s worth it.

3. Egan Orion flip-flopped and now opposes safe injection sites (?). Wait til you see what he says about police accountability while courting the SPOG endorsement:

In an interview with Erica Barnett several weeks ago, our opponent said that he “hadn’t thought much” about policing….

Posted by Vote Sawant on Thursday, October 10, 2019

4. Despite giving credence to some bizarre arguments (Kshama represents the status-quo on the city council??), this Crosscut article highlights important recent victories Kshama’s office has helped District 3 residents win.

5. Another inspiring fundraising update from Socialist Alternative member Elan. But remember, these numbers don’t include corporate PAC expenditures- we still need to fight for every donation!  

New filing report: Egan For Seattle has 2,048 donors overall. Vote Sawant has 2,048 donors from District 3. #TaleOfTwoCampaigns

Posted by Elan Axelbank on Thursday, October 10, 2019

6. Kshama Sawant’s office unveils this year’s People’s Budget priorities; strengthening tenants rights, expanding LEAD (alternatives to incarceration for drug offenses), and building permanent housing for homeless individuals. Unlike Egan Orion, she not only shows up for community candidate forums, she also fights to secure funding for things the community desperately needs!

Councilmember Sawant to introduce People's Budget

Posted by Councilmember Kshama Sawant on Thursday, October 3, 2019
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