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How the War Machine Was Stopped: 40 Years Since The Vietnam War

Forty years ago, on April 30 at 7:53 in the morning, the Marine helicopter...

Turkey: Historical Breakthrough for the Left as AKP Suffers its Worst Defeat in 13 Years

On election night, many left and Kurdish activists rallied and celebrated. The left, pro-Kurdish "Democratic Party of the People" (HDP) has won enough votes to enter Parliament.

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10 Books That Shook the World:  The Communist Manifesto

You’ve heard of Marx and Engels. They might have been briefly mentioned and then...

Review: Lenin’s revolutionary legacy

‘Lenin’ by Lars T Lih In an attempt to answer the description of Lenin by...

Interview with The Coup’s Boots Riley — On Obama, Oscar Grant, and Socialism

Since the release of his first album with The Coup in 1993, San Francisco...

Stalin’s Terror of 1937-1938: Political Genocide in the USSR

Review of New Book by Russian Historian Vadim Z. Rogovin After great crimes ‘against humanity’,...

Two Americas — A Review of the New York Times Series “Class Matters”

In the early part of this year the New York Times published a series...

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