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Aviation Industry Scandals: Capitalism Makes Air Travel Deadly

In early January, in a near disaster in mid-air, an Alaska Airlines flight of...

Boeing Flightline Workers Win Union Victory in South Carolina

Almost 180 Boeing flightline workers scored a big victory in June, voting to organize...

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NY Times: Kshama Sawant is “newest third party politician”

This article from the New York Times discussing third parties hits the nail on the...

Teachers in Seattle demand better wages and high-quality education for all

In a time when public education and teachers’ unions are under attack nationwide from “right to work (for less)” legislation and attacks brought to the U.S. Supreme Court, educators and paraprofessionals in the Seattle Public Schools are taking a stand against an unresponsive district and a malfeasant state legislature.

TPP: A Call To Action

A Boeing machinist has written a letter expressing his opinions on Obama's recent approval of TPP fast-track legislation and calling for support for the campaign of Kshama Sawant

Seattle: Vote Jess Spear and Build a Political Alternative!

Socialist Alternative’s Jess Spear is standing in Seattle’ 43rd District for State House. Her...

Seattle: Walkout Against Cuts on Education

Garfield High School students set the example to fight back against the criminal underfunding...

TV Debate: Socialist Spear vs. Corporate Politician Chopp

Video of hard-hitting debate between Socialist Alternative candidate Jess Spear and Democratic Washington State...

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