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The Labor Movement Needs Its Own Political Party

In 2022, Americans’ approval of labor unions reached 71%. For those keeping score at...

How Workers Fought Back Against Inflation In The 1970s

Prices keep going up, and working class people and the poor, with few savings...

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The Trump-Trumka Snuggle

Since November 8, the heroic movement to stop the Immigration ban and the acts...

“Right-to-Work” Threat in Public Sector: Friedrichs v. California Teachers Association

  For a Mass Mobilization to Stop This Attack and Rebuild Labor! In late June, while...

UE Workers End Successful and Militant Strike

On March 6th, after a militant, three-week long strike, UE Local 279 ratified a contract with Weir Valves and Controls in Ipswich, MA. The results of this strike illustrate the accomplishments that are possible when trade unions are willing to take risks and stand up for fair labor practices and a fair contract.

“$15 at MSP Airport Is on the Agenda”: Interview With Fired Delta Worker, Kip Hedges

Socialist Alternative interviewed a leading 15 Now organizer in Minneapolis, former Delta baggage handler Kip Hedges

Fight Against Racist Policing and For Economic Justice

For Huge Protests on 2/21, 50th Anniversary of Malcolm X’s Assassination The following is the...

The Fight Against Inequality Reaches New Heights

This spring, working people in Seattle won a colossal victory in establishing a $15...

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