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What Will It Really Take To Solve The Student Debt Crisis?

The federal moratorium on student debt payments ends today, meaning student loan interest payments...

The Student Debt Crisis is About to Get Worse: We Need a Movement to Win Cancellation

Early last year, as the pandemic first swept the country and tens of millions...

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We Need Student Debt Cancellation!

2021 has begun with a bad joke of a stimulus bill, rental costs maxing...

I’m 16 and I Should Have the Right to Vote

Youth today are facing a broad and deep capitalist crisis. Brutal austerity measures have...

U.S. Joins International Wave of Student Protests: #MillionStudentMarch

On Thursday, November 12, over 10,000 students walked out of their classes to fight...

Why We Need Free Public Higher Education Now

Like the struggle to win a $15 an hour minimum wage, the movement for free public higher education in the United States has gained significant momentum over the past two years.

Bernie Sanders Calls For Free College Tuition: What’s It Going to Take to Win?

On May 16th, Bernie Sanders introduced legislation to Congress to make all public colleges and universities tuition-free. This is a welcome measure, but it has zero chance of passing through Congress

The Corinthian 15: Standing Against Student Debt

We in the United States are trapped in a viscous cycle when it comes...

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