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Ireland: Landslide Vote to Repeal Ireland’s Abortion Laws – Historic Victory for Social Progress

Statement by Solidarity TDs (members of parliament in Ireland) and Socialist Party (Ireland) members,...

The Impact of the Russian Revolution in the U.S.

Even before the Russian Revolution, the United States had a vibrant socialist left and...

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Eugene V. Debs: The Bending Cross Review

From labor leader to five-time Socialist Party candidate for president, Eugene V. Debs was...

Britain: Socialism is Back!

Socialist ideas have been developed over centuries in the course of humanity’s fight for a better life. Today they remain the only viable alternative in an increasingly unstable and brutal, capitalist world.

Britain: Left Labour leader Corbyn under attack

Labour is now effectively two parties in one, a scenario that cannot last indefinitely. As the Socialist has argued in previous editorials, a new formation that acts in working class interests can be created out of the present fluid situation.

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