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Grenfell Towers Tragedy

Days after the British election, the Grenfell Tower block inferno fire in London has...

Lessons from the British Anti-Austerity Movement

Mass protests against Donald Trump in the US have revived many questions around building...

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Britain: Are Trotskyists Everywhere?

Michael Barker, Socialist Party (CWI in England and Wales) Originally published at The mainstream media...

Britain: The Corbyn Earthquake

Socialist Elected Labour Party Leader The British Labour Party was formed at the beginning of...

Britain: Socialism is Back!

Socialist ideas have been developed over centuries in the course of humanity’s fight for a better life. Today they remain the only viable alternative in an increasingly unstable and brutal, capitalist world.

Britain: Left Labour leader Corbyn under attack

Labour is now effectively two parties in one, a scenario that cannot last indefinitely. As the Socialist has argued in previous editorials, a new formation that acts in working class interests can be created out of the present fluid situation.

Corbyn’s British Labour Party Leadership Bid Shows Anti-Austerity Message Popular

Militant Tendency held up as bogeyman by Labour right and media - What’s the...

British Labour Left Leadership Candidate Under Fire From Right Wing

Blairites’ terror at popularity of left-wing ideas in Corbyn campaign Socialist Party (CWI in England...

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