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Why Amazon Labor Union Won In New York and RWDSU Lost in Alabama

Amazon workers in Staten Island have delivered a stunning blow against the megacorporation with...

Amazon Defeated in New York City – Unionize Amazon Everywhere!

Workers at the JFK8 Amazon Fulfillment Center in Staten Island have dealt a stunning...

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Amazon Cheats in Bessemer – Key Lessons for the Fight to #UnionizeAmazon

Socialist Alternative has been on the ground in Bessemer for a number of weeks...

Why Alabama Should Tax Amazon

How far away 2018 seems today. That year, the Amazon HQ2 sweepstakes was in...

Reverend Barber on the BAmazon Union Drive

On Monday, March 22, Reverend William Barber II, co-chair of the Poor People’s Campaign, joined a livestream from Bessemer, AL to talk about the historic union drive at Amazon’s BMH1 fulfillment center.

3/20 National Day of Solidarity with BAmazon Union

Saturday, March 20 was a national day of action in solidarity with 5,800 Amazon...

NYC: Housing Works Employees Push for a Union

For more than a year, workers at Housing Works, a nonprofit organization of about...

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