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A Contested Legacy: Ralph Nader’s Challenge to the Two-Party System

The specter of Ralph Nader has haunted the Democratic Party throughout the final months...

Bernie Sanders for President in 2016?

Independent Senator Bernie Sanders has stated that he is considering running for president. Socialist Alternative is glad that Sanders is seeking a dialogue with progressive and left activists.

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Growing Anger at NSA Revelations: Obama’s “Reforms” Fall Short

It’s been over half a year since whistleblower Edward Snowden’s revelations about bulk spying...

Obama’’s Surveillance State Provokes Outrage

Disband the NSA! Repeal the Patriot Act! It took the courageous action of whistleblower Edward...

Michael Moore Exposes Bush’s Lies — Fahrenheit 9/11: The Largest Grossing Documentary Ever

If box office opening numbers tell us anything about current ideological trends in society,...

Patriot Act II – A War On Our Civil Rights

On March 23, a van parked outside the home of a Palestinian American was...

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