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Intensifying UK Strike Wave: A New Winter Of Discontent

Everyday in the United Kingdom another headline appears with a new strike being announced....

Book Review: The Logistics Industry and the Case for Socialism

People’s Republic of Walmart: How the World’s Biggest Corporations Are Laying the Foundation for...

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What Would Quality Universal Health Care Look Like? A Socialist Approach to Health Care

We live in a world of escalating inequality, not just in income, but increasingly...

Britain: Massive Demonstration Shows Battle to Save the NHS Can Be Won

Up to 250,000 March in National Protest, Organized from Below For hours they poured off...

Britain: Socialism is Back!

Socialist ideas have been developed over centuries in the course of humanity’s fight for a better life. Today they remain the only viable alternative in an increasingly unstable and brutal, capitalist world.

Corbyn’s British Labour Party Leadership Bid Shows Anti-Austerity Message Popular

Militant Tendency held up as bogeyman by Labour right and media - What’s the...

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