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Justice For Nex Benedict: Build A Mass Movement Against Transphobia & The Right Wing!

Nex Benedict, a non-binary 16-year-old high school student from Oklahoma, died earlier this month...

Defending the Queer Community Against Right-Wing Violence

On Trans Day of Remembrance in November, news of the mass shooting at Club...

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Identity politics and the struggle against oppression

No amount of demanding that people ‘check their privilege’ will eliminate social attitudes generated and sustained by capitalism.

Fight for Equality Is Not Over!

From the transgender women and gay men who fought back against racist police during...

Supreme Court Decision – Historic Victory for LGBTQ People

The Supreme Court's decision that same sex couples have the right to be married in all 50 states is an historic victory which was the result of a determined, well-organized mass campaign.

Turkey: Historical Breakthrough for the Left as AKP Suffers its Worst Defeat in 13 Years

On election night, many left and Kurdish activists rallied and celebrated. The left, pro-Kurdish "Democratic Party of the People" (HDP) has won enough votes to enter Parliament.

Beyond the Supreme Court’s Marriage Equality Ruling

The Next Steps In Queer Liberation This month, the Supreme Court will rule on whether...

Massive ‘Yes’ to Irish Marriage Equality Referendum

The 'Yes' vote to the Marriage Equality referendum represented a huge vote in support of equality for LGBTQ people and in support of progress and social change.

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