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Obituary: Larry Hanley President of the Amalgamated Transit Workers Union

Socialist Alternative deeply regrets the passing of Larry Hanley, President of the Amalgamated Transit...

West Virginia Teachers Inspire Labor Notes 2018

The spirit of the West Virginia teachers’ strike permeated the 3,000 plus attendance at...

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2,200 Troublemakers At Labor Notes: CTU and Bernie Push New Political Dialog

From a one-day political strike in Chicago, to over two thousand union members discussing...

Toledo Auto Workers Strike for Union Recognition… And Win!

Workers at Piston Automotive, a Jeep parts supplier in Toledo, OH, have won a resounding victory that will strike a chord with all workers struggling to organize their workplaces.

From California to Central Falls, RI— — The Fight to Defend Public Education is Heating Up

By Tom Crean, United Federation of Teachers (NYC), chapter leader (personal capacity) In February, the...

Public Workers Unite! — Coalition Emerges in Chicago

On October 31, sixty-five activists met at a Chicago union hall to discuss the...

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