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May 1st, International Workers’ Day – Capitalism is the Virus: Socialism is the Only Cure

Five Reasons To Fight for a Socialist World in 2020 - Five Reasons to...

International Workers Day Sees Increasing Class Struggle

Worldwide, May 1 is a working-class holiday. Originating in the fight for the eight-hour...

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The History of May Day

The movement for a shorter working day was the first to unite workers internationally...

No Wall, No Raids, No Deportations – How the Anti-Immigrant Agenda Can Be Defeated

International Workers Day on May 1 is marked every year with rallies and protests...

Build a Movement to Defend and Extend Reproductive Rights

The powerful and immediate show of mass resistance to Trump, along with his slump...

May Day: Lessons from Yesterday and Today

On May 1, workers in many countries and unions organize large demonstrations and celebrations for International Workers Day. May 1 commemorates the struggle for the eight-hour day in 1886.

Socialist Tactics to Build May 1st Protests

The Occupy movement captured the imagination of millions this past fall because of the...

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