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Indigenous Peoples' Day

Giving Working People A Taste of Power

The real engine for achieving the fundamental change we need is mass movements linked to a new mass political force with a socialist program representing the interests of the 99%.

Re-Elect Kshama Sawant to Seattle City Council

A Critical Battle for Working People and the Left The strong record of Socialist Alternative...

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In England, Over 1,000 Attend Largest Ever ‘Socialism’ Event

"I feel at home here." Those were the words so many of the people attending Socialism 2014 used to describe their response to this Socialist Party weekend event.

Newsletter of Councilmember Kshama Sawant #1

“This city has made glittering fortunes for the super wealthy while the needs of...

Seattle: Vote Jess Spear and Build a Political Alternative!

Socialist Alternative’s Jess Spear is standing in Seattle’ 43rd District for State House. Her...

Kshama Sawant on the Establishment of Indigenous Peoples’ Day

Reposted from After weeks of collaboration with Indigenous Rights activists, on Monday, October 6th, the...

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