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The Crisis of Gun Violence

Daily headlines about mass shootings are a shocking indicator that American life is far...

Deadly Mass Shootings Expose Broken System

In ten days, two high-profile acts of mass slaughter have stunned millions and created...

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Gun Violence Surges: A Socialist Plan to End the Crisis

“What we have is compounded trauma,” said Shani Buggs, an assistant professor with the...

On the Ground at the #Enough Student Walkouts

This past Wednesday, nearly a million students walked out of their schools to demand...

Parkland School Massacre: Youth Rise Up Against Violence & the NRA

As we publish this, walkouts have been held in schools across the country in...

Is Gun Control the Solution to Gun Violence? A Socialist Analysis

The article below is adapted from a document written for internal discussion in Socialist...

South Africa: The Marikana Report – A Whitewash

Under severe pressure from the families of the victims of the Marikana massacre and threats of legal action, President Jacob Zuma released an inquiry report that exonerates the government.

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