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Giving Working People A Taste of Power

The real engine for achieving the fundamental change we need is mass movements linked to a new mass political force with a socialist program representing the interests of the 99%.

Call to Action: Help Stop the Republican-backed PAC Against Sawant

One thing is clear: big money is here and we need to get ready for a serious fight. To counter this dirty money, we need you and all supporters to get involved, right now.

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VIDEO: Kshama Sawant vs. Corporate-backed Opponent

Kshama explains how the grassroots character of her campaign, not a penny in corporate cash, is why so many people have donated and volunteered.

Democrats’ First Debate: Sanders Socialist Message Reaches Millions

The most important thing about the Sanders campaign is the enthusiasm it is building for the idea of a political revolution against the billionaire class and the popularizing of socialism.

Boston Says No to Olympics: Working People’s Victory Over Neoliberalism

On July 28, the bid to bring the summer Olympics to Boston was laid...

Mass Non-Payment Campaign Transforms Irish Political Landscape

57% refuse to pay hated water charge Cillian Gillespie, Socialist Party (CWI in Ireland) In the...

Bernie Sanders Calls For Free College Tuition: What’s It Going to Take to Win?

On May 16th, Bernie Sanders introduced legislation to Congress to make all public colleges and universities tuition-free. This is a welcome measure, but it has zero chance of passing through Congress

Bernie Sanders calls for Political Revolution against Billionaires

Over the next year the main arena for discussion and debate on anti-corporate politics will be within and around Sanders campaign. All those forces which recognize the vital need for independent left politics need to orient towards the likely big audience which will gather around Bernie.

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