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SVB Collapse Detonates Financial Crisis

The collapse of the Silicon Valley Bank last week has opened up a significant...

We Have to Fight for a Workers Recovery

In a crisis, the ruling class tends to sugarcoat the real economic situation. Politicians...

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China Fears Spread Across Global Markets

Could the financial turmoil of the opening week set the tone for 2016? Per-Åke Westerlund,...

Explosive Contradictions Reshaping U.S. Politics

American society today is in a state of simmering discontent. Space is growing for a fightback in workplaces, on the streets, and at the ballot box.

China’s Great Slowdown

Signs the Mammoth Property Bubble is Finally Bursting Belie Beijing’s Upbeat GDP Data by Vincent...

A New Revolt is Coming!

Working people in the US are fed up. After six years of mass unemployment and collosal cuts in education and social programs, we are told a "recovery" is under way.

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