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Lessons from the British Anti-Austerity Movement

Mass protests against Donald Trump in the US have revived many questions around building...

Europe in the Aftermath of the Brexit Shock

Report from the CWI School Brexit provided the dramatic backdrop to the discussion on Europe...

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The Panama Papers – The 1% as Thieves

In what can fairly be called the “biggest leak in history”: 2.6 terabytes of...

Panama Papers: They’re All in it Together!

The anonymous shell companies, foundations and trusts they set up have been likened to “getaway cars” for the high-end criminal. You load up the swag and put your foot down. On second thought, drive as slowly as you like – the cops are in on it.

Identity politics and the struggle against oppression

No amount of demanding that people ‘check their privilege’ will eliminate social attitudes generated and sustained by capitalism.

Britain: The Corbyn Earthquake

Socialist Elected Labour Party Leader The British Labour Party was formed at the beginning of...

U.S.-Led Policy of Air Attacks on ‘Islamic State’ Lies in Ruins

As Battle for Kobane Rages, IS Forces Make Major Gains in Iraq Obama and his...

Scotland: 10 Days That Can Shake British Capitalism to Its Foundations

By Philip Stott, Socialist Party Scotland (CWI in Scotland) “In the past four weeks support...

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