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It’s Getting Hard to Breathe – The Bay Area’s Toxic Smoke Crisis and How Politicians Failed our Communities

They say that when someone experiences a crisis, you see the real person. Today...

May Day 2017 – Socialist Alternative In Action

Tens of thousands of people took to the streets on May 1, 2017, in...

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Protest the Eviction of the North Dakota Native Americans’ Protest Camp!

Yesterday, October 27, militarized police cleared out the protest camp and arrested protesters who...

Impact of #BlackLivesMatter at MLK Day Events Across the Country

This year’s MLK Day comes in the wake of the explosive #BlackLivesMatter movement, organized by thousands of black youth and allies across the country engaging in direct actions, rallies, and marches challenging police brutality and the racist justice system.

Black Lives Matter – Protests Erupt Across the US After Wilson is Not Indicted

After the failure of the Grand Jury to indict Officer Darren Wilson, protests erupted...

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