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Five-Year Anniversary: Occupy Opens an Era of Struggle

Eight years ago, Wall Street bet against American families and caused the Great Recession,...

Bernie vs. Hillary: What’s A Feminist To Do?

America's Only Elected Female Socialist on Women and the Presidential Race

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The Change Socialist Alternative is Fighting For

We want to live in a society where ordinary people have full control over the key decisions that affect their lives.

Campaign for Free Education Grows

#MillionStudentMarch is a national day of action for free college, launched in early August that has since caught fire – leading to the organizing of over 100 protests nationwide.

Kshama Sawant Re-Elected – Seattle’s Political Revolution Continues

The opportunities to build the socialist movement across the US are only getting bigger.

US Presidential Campaign: Revolt Against the Establishment

It is critical to begin now to build a new political force, independent of all corporate influence, that really represents the interests of the 99%.

Increasing Opposition to Establishment Politics

What is happening here is part of an international trend, which in some countries has gone much further, with the complete collapse of key establishment parties and the rapid emergence of new political forces both on the left and the right.

NY Times: Kshama Sawant is “newest third party politician”

This article from the New York Times discussing third parties hits the nail on the...

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