Bernie Sanders Endorses the Kshama Solidarity Campaign

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Senator Bernie Sanders has endorsed the Kshama Solidarity Campaign!

“Once again,” Bernie said in his endorsement, “the wealthy and special interests are making a power grab for Kshama Sawant’s seat because she has the guts to stand up for working people. We need to unite together to stop this baseless recall. If you live in Seattle’s District 3, vote ‘NO’ by Dec. 7th.”

Bernie’s 2016 and 2020 Presidential campaigns were important examples of how working people can organize and fight back. They also showed how the establishment and big business will relentlessly seek to defeat elected officials who lead movements for working-class change. The corporate media and the political establishment of both parties went after Bernie because they saw the broad momentum for his working class demands like a $15 minimum wage, free college, and Medicare for All as a threat to their economic and political power. 

Now in Seattle, more than 500 Republican donors, 130 Trump donors, over 850 millionaires, and over 100 CEOs and corporate executives are going after Kshama for the same reason. After watching Kshama lead movements to win the historic $15 minimum wage, the Amazon Tax for affordable housing and a Green New Deal, and being the most consistent elected official in Seattle to stand with Black Lives Matter last summer, big business and the right-wing are determined to remove Seattle’s only elected socialist. Kshama’s approach of using her position to build movements, not backroom deals and compromises with the establishment, has been a powerful expression of the “Not Me, Us” message at the heart of Bernie’s 2020 campaign. 

There’s only 8 days left until election day on December 7th, and we still need to talk to thousands more voters about how we can defeat this right-wing attack – many of whom, due to the recall’s voter suppression, may not even know an election is happening. We urgently need to get the word out about this election and Bernie’s endorsement, and ads in major publications like the Seattle Times cost thousands of dollars. Can you chip in $200, $50, or even $5 to make sure as many voters as possible know about Bernie’s support for our campaign?

Anything you can contribute helps build our movement to defeat this racist, right-wing recall and continue our struggle for a political revolution against the billionaire class!

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