Introducing: The Website of the Mexican Section of International Socialist Alternative

Today marks the launch of the new website of our sister organization in Mexico, Alternativa Socialista!

Socialist Alternative stands in solidarity with Alternativa Socialista México because working people across the world must fight together to combat the greed inherent to capitalism. We recognize that international class struggle is necessary to fight back against the capitalist system, which organizes on the global stage to steal profits from workers and accumulate exhorbitant resources.

In an attempt to undermine class struggle, the ruling class uses nationalism to redirect anger toward other workers and weaken our movements. Too often, for instance, factory workers in the U.S. have been laid off because companies have moved production to Mexico’s “maquiladora” free trade region in order to hyper-exploit Mexican workers, paying them far lower wages. Meanwhile, far-right demagogues like Donald Trump blame immigrant workers for what in actuality are failures of the capitalist system, sowing tensions between native-born and foreign workers. In reality, the only way that conditions can be improved for workers of all countries is by fighting against the real enemy together. We need to recognize our shared struggle against the oppression inherent to capitalism and unite to fight back. Ultimately, we need to fight for the replacement of capitalism with an internationally coordinated, democratically planned economy under workers’ control.

Struggle in the United States and in Mexico is intimately linked – geographically, economically, and for many, personally. The explosive and growing feminist movement in Mexico, seen on full display this year for International Women’s Day, forms part of a larger women’s movement that reaches beyond national borders to influence struggle in the United States and worldwide. The recent election of Mexico’s current president, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, holds many lessons for how movements of working people can defeat the political establishment and usher in new political parties. As socialists in the U.S., we must keep aware of events in Mexico in order to fully understand what is happening in the United States, and to fight for an alternative to the broken capitalist system on both a regional and international scale.

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