Students Speak Out


“In the first few weeks of school we got word that the Westboro Baptist Church would be holding a specifically transphobic demonstration on campus. We coordinated with other campus and city organizations to put together a large, carefully marshalled counter demonstration as a show of force to the far right who wants to organize on our campus.” Cole W. (University of Cincinnati)


“At Northeastern University we hosted a meeting on Capitalism vs. Socialism and talked about why we think capitalism requires all sorts of oppression and worsening inequality. The room was packed and students were excited to find out that there was a socialist organization on campus that they could get involved with.” Andrea M. (Northeastern University)


“BMCC Socialist Students has been working with the Dream Team in planning actions around DACA repeal with a citywide network of student organizers and activists. Now more than ever, students seem ready to take action and fight back.” Juliet D. (Borough Manhattan Community College)

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