SOLIDARITY APPEAL: 15 Now Leader Fired by Delta For Speaking out Against Low Pay

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Delta Airlines fired Kip Hedges, a baggage handler for 26 years, simply for supporting a $15/hour minimum wage at the Minneapolis-St. Paul (MSP) Airport. Delta targeted Kip because he leads 15 Now’s workplace campaign at MSP to win $15/hour. Please show your solidarity in three simple ways:

1. Sign the Petition to Demand Delta Re-hire Kip Hedges

2. Donate to 15 Now today to help fund the fight to defend Kip Hedges and his struggle for $15/hour and union rights at MSP

3. Help spread the word by sharing this meme on the 15 Now Minnesota Facebook page.

Delta management told Kip he was being fired for “disparaging remarks” made in a video posted on the 15 Now Minnesota Facebook page. Anyone who watches the video, linked below, will be outraged. All Kip said was: “A lot of Delta workers make under $15/hour… a lot of the better paid workers also understand that the bottom has to be raised otherwise the top is going to fall as well.”
Watch the video, originally posted on Workday Minnesota.
(Kip speaks at 1:38)

[youtube id=”9K9q4dIkULw” width=”320″ height=”180″]

Kip was fired Tuesday, December 2nd, and on the following Friday over 250 workers and community supporters rallied to demand Delta re-hire Kip and to demand “$15 and a Union.” Organized by 15 Now, SEIU, IAM and other unions, protesters blocked traffic into MSP after hearing rousing speeches from workers and community supporters, including Congressman Keith Ellison who ended his speech saying “Shame on Delta” and leading a chant for “15 Now, 15 Now.”

The airport action was a top new story in all major TV and print media. Check out the media round-up here.

The timing of Kip’s termination on December 2nd is no accident. It came in the midst of a national week of action for “$15 and a Union,” and just as three different union drives at Delta, and their subcontractor AirServ, kick into high gear with a demonstration at MSP Airport on December 5th.

Delta thinks firing Kip, a leading 15 Now and union activist, will silence other airport workers from standing up for their rights. They couldn’t be more wrong. With your support, and the mobilization of the wider labor movement, Delta’s blatantly illegal and unjust actions will only deepen workers’ resolve to fight for $15/hour and union rights.

We call on Delta and the Metropolitan Airport Commission, which governs operations at MSP Airport, to immediately reinstate Kip Hedges and to make clear that these intimidation tactics will not continue. We stand in solidarity with Kip and with all workers fighting for $15 and a union!

Show your solidarity. Sign the petitionmake a donation, and help spread the word on social media!


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