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UW Student Workers’ Contract Ratified, but Fight for Equity on Campus Far From Over

Following an intense contract battle - including the largest strike action in University of...

Labor Upsurge: University of Washington Grad Student Workers Strike!

No! No Fees! No Fees to Work! When We Strike, We Win! Last Tuesday, 4,500 Academic...

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Patriot Prayer Shouted Down At University of Washington

On February 10, the College Republicans at University of Washington held a rally with...

Does Seattle’s $15/hr Minimum Wage Harm Workers? Debunking the Latest Corporate Myth About $15

The realities of Seattle’s $15/hr minimum wage are troublesome for conservative Chicken Littles who...

$15 Wage Law Begins in Seattle with Resistance From UW, Metro

40,000 Seattle workers got a raise on April 1, but there was resistance from the University of Washington administration to implementation and from the Seattle Metro to informing Seattleites

Kshama Sawant’s UW School of Social Work Commencement Keynote Address

This is the text of Socialist Alternative Seattle City Councilmember Kshama Sawant's keynote address...

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